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Eagle's Wings Ministry


What others have said about the Woodleys:

I want to confirm that I know Randy very well. He was my student a couple of decades ago and we have stayed in touch. He, Edith, and their children are doing fabulous work--the very best contextualized, indigenous holistic ministry among Native Americans in this country.

Ron Sider, Author, Rich Christians in An Age of Hunger, President, Evangelicals for Social Action

John Dawson

Author John Dawson, Healing America's Wounds, has described Randy as "one of the most trusted, wise and fruitful Native American leaders of our generation" and notes "Randy can be trusted because his biblical foundations are solid."

Dr. Suuqiina and Qaumaniq Suuqiina of Inuit Ministries International say, "Every move of God has "cutting edge" apostolic people who walk the front lines for God. Randy and Edith are these kind of people for the First Nations people of North America. We are thankful for their efforts on behalf of all of us."

Dr. Suuqiina

Richard Twiss

Says Richard Twiss of Wiconi Ministries and author of One Church Many Tribes, "Randy is a courageous Native leader who, like the Apostle Paul, is fully committed to helping people find a loving relationship with Jesus Christ…Randy is a frontrunner in First Nations Ministry who has fearlessly begun developing evangelistic and discipleship models, that are thoroughly biblically based, yet radically culturally Native. As a result he has seen much fruit in the lives of Native believers…I am honored to consider Randy a friend, co-laborer in the Kingdom, and Native brother in Christ and recommend his vision for Eagle's Wings Ministry as one worth supporting."

Author and speaker Winkie Pratney shares "Some years ago a Native American friend of mine with a deep heart for his people had a vivid vision. In it he saw a traditional warrior on a horse silhouetted against a sun low on the horizon. In alarm he asked; 'What does this mean God? Is this the sunset of my people?' 'No' God spoke to his heart, 'it is the sunrise.' Eagle's Wings Ministry is one of the new and creative ways to touch a loved and special people group that are long overdue for a healing visitation of God. Randy and Edith Woodley are walking the old paths with a new Eagle feather from the Eternal Elder. We need their special kind of ministry today as God is calling back all His lost and landless children from around the world."

Winkie Pratney

The International Reconciliation Coalition calls Randy Woodley "a true servant to indigenous peoples and it is our privilege to commend him to the people of God around the world."

Says Tony Marco, Author/Consultant & Civil Rights Activist, "When I first met Randy Woodley, he was a freshman college student bent towards ministry. And even then, I sensed that as an obvious natural leader, blessed with fine appearance and impressive speaking abilities, Randy was destined for 'big things.' It wasn't hard to see in his future the senior pastorate of a big, prosperous church, with lots of subordinate assistant pastors, maybe even a thriving radio/TV outreach. But I was wrong.

God instead led Randy to walk a far more stringent, self-sacrificial path, in the footsteps of his Native American forebearers, carrying a burden to bring Christ's salvation to this country's perhaps most maligned and neglected 'nations' or people groups.'

Because Native Americans widely view Christianity as a 'white man's religion,' Randy Woodley's charge - to penetrate bitter and suspicious consciousness with the Gospel - has been anything but easy and lucrative in the carrying-out. Yet, it has in fact moved him to conceive remarkably innovative means to share the truth of Christ, unalloyed by cultural trappings so alien to Native American cultures. And his faithful labors have now begun to grow miraculously significant fruit.

For this we may thank Randy's Savior - and entreat Him to provide so Randy may continue to bring hope to the hearts of 'First Americans,' who've all too often been pushed off to the back burner of 'Later American Christians' evangelistic endeavors."

Gene Brooks

Gene Brooks, Chairman of Mission Carolina states, "Theoreticians usually croon from an ivory tower somewhere. They talk about the work that is needed. Practitioners grunt and sweat down with the common people. They do real work. Theoreticians are a dime a dozen. Practitioners are like refined gold. Randy Woodley is a practitioner.

Words of Monte Ohia, Co Founder (w/ wife Linda Ohia) World Christian Gathering on Indigenous People. "I have much pleasure in endorsing the formation of Eagle's Wings Ministry under the direction of Pastor Randy Woodley. The ministry will open the way for Native Americans and other Indigenous people to come to Jesus Christ and be affirmed in the image and identity God has created them.

For too long now the Body of Christ has been remiss in developing models of praise, worship, teaching and pastoring which take into account where Native people are and what issues they are dealing with. Eagle's Wings Ministry will be a model of God's offering to the indigenous people of the United States to enable the native people themselves to bring their offerings to Him.

This new ministry will be a part of the Body of Christ, not separate from it, and will be able to offer advice and healing to other ministries and churches who have native members who are not reaching their potential in God.

I have met Randy Woodley, and he is a man of integrity and honesty. I have no doubts about his passion and capacity to reach his fellow Native Americans and other indigenous peoples of the world. Therefore, in the name of Jesus I unreservedly endorse Eagle's Wings Ministry."

Says Manfred Brauch, PhD. Author / Professor New Testament / Past President of Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, "Randy Woodley, the founder of Eagle's Wings Ministry, was my student at Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and I have followed the development of his ministry within the context of American Indian culture with great interest.

I know that he is deeply committed to the Good News of Jesus Christ and grounded in the authority of God's Word. And I am confident that Eagle's Wings Ministry will be an instrument of God's Spirit whereby the truth of the Gospel can impact Native American people in culturally appropriate and sensitive ways without compromise."

Phil Duran, Former Director-First Nations Institute, "Dear Brother Randy...Please do not allow anything to move you away from a righteous ministry. You belong to a circle of spiritual warriors that the Lord is raising for this new day of release and freedom to be all that our loving Creator intended. Some day, many will thank you for being obedient to the vision.

I think of Jesus' words when He began His public ministry (Luke 4:18): 'to preach good news to the poor, to heal the broken hearted, to proclaim freedom to the prisoners, and recovery of sight to the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor.' This sounds very much like He wants to walk among our people, this time with moccasins."