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Eagle's Wings Ministry


Our Vision

It was a nice sunny day in Rapid City when the Indians took the platform in the riverside park near the convention center. Fully dressed in their regalia, or modified forms of it, were Lakota, Cherokee, Dine, Kiowa, Paiute, Mohawk, Apache and many other Indian people proclaiming that Jesus Christ is good news sent from Great Spirit for Indian people - and believing in Him is not a "white man's thing."

The old traditional looking Lakota elder with sunglasses and a cowboy hat approached my buckaroo elder brother and ask what was going on? My brother explained that these are Indians who believe they can serve Jesus Christ and be fully culturally Native American. The old man didn't say a word at first - but there was much about his silence that caused my brother to pay Randy and Edith
attention. Just when my brother noticed the tears collecting around the bottom edge of the elder's sunglasses, the man spoke a very simple phrase with heartfelt emotion and full conviction…he simply said this: "I've waited all my life for this day."

It is "a new day for Native Americans" and other indigenous peoples of the world. Gone are the colonial restraints that were present for so many hundreds of years. It is God Himself who is setting native people free to be who He created them to be - and that is not in the image of western European cultures and values.

Our Purpose

Eagle’s Wings Ministry is a community of Native Americans and others, rooted in the Christian faith. We work, through word and deed, to reach Native Americans and others with the good news of Jesus Christ, while respecting native cultures, and with concern for individual and social transformation.

Based on the native “harmony way” tradition of spiritual health, family, social, and environmental balance, our purpose is to promote the prosperity and well-being of Native American communities in ways that are culturally contextual, holistic in scope, and based in community. We call this “Ministry in a Good Way.”

Central to fulfilling our purpose is a commitment to leadership training appropriate to traditional indigenous cultures. Our training initiatives include short-term programs and life-long relationships; and we train leaders for service in churches and related ministries as well as, for the service of the wider community. This work is advanced through our Eloheh Village for Indigenous Leadership and Ministry Development, which is both a school and a demonstrational community where new life skills may be learned through direct experience. Some of the areas we address include:

  • Culturally appropriate theology and ministry
  • Economic development opportunities through small-scale, culturally appropriate business models
  • Sustainable living skills
  • Health
  • Marriage and parenting skills
  • Abuse and intervention training
  • Educational assistance and development of specialized curriculum for all ages
  • Community organizing

"For many years I worshipped the Creator as a Christian but not in my own Indian culture. I could not find a peace in my heart. Today as an Indian, I call on Jesus and He answers me from beyond and within my own Native culture. I feel like I have finally come home."

-Northern Paiute Man